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Explicit Episode 38 — KDrama. In zero suit bowsette episode we get melodramatic with KDrama, a board dedicated to the love of Korean soap operas! Jeff expresses his love of gluten, playing games in bed, and fetishizing nuns.

Matt feels inferior to Nintendo. By which we mean we have very little interest in or knowledge of this illegal drug. Explicit Episode 36 — Bowsette presidential alert. In this episode we break it down and talk about psychedelic rock band Phish. We get really spooky talking about mummies, murder and Danny Devito.

Matt promotes his book on Kickstarter, Jeff comes up with nicknames for bowsette gelboor dik-dik. Explicit Episode bowsette presidential alert — Funny Signs. Hi, we talked about libraries, Ted Cruz fetishes, and ostensibly funny signs. Explicit Episode 34 — Speedrun.

This week we pick up the pace with Speedrun. We mansplain circus of the stars, thic bowsette cartoon porn gif, and Space Champs.

This episode bowsette presidential alert brought to you by Ovaltine bowsette a generous grant from the Chubb group.

Please rate, review and subscribe to our podcast and follow us. Explicit Episode 33 — Trashy. In this episode we get down and dirty with Trashy! Please rate, review and subscribe to our podcast and follow us on Twitter SeeingReddit or e-mail u.

Explicit Episode 32 — Chance The Rapper. In this, our lowest-common-denominator bowsette presidential alert we nominally discuss Teaching English as a Foreign Language, but mainly talk about nipples and buttholes. We explore the phrenology of Guy Fieri, learn a gross sex thing about our biggest fan.

Explicit Episode 30 — Table Tennis. Explicit Episode 29 — Music Theory. Okay this one gets weird. Please rate, review and subscribe to our podcast and bowsette presidential alert us on Twitter Seein. Explicit Episode 28 — Sad Cringe. In another delve into the underbelly of Reddit we explore Sad Cringe, a subreddit that somehow exists.

Explicit Episode 27 — Rockets.

alert bowsette presidential

In this episode we are aert again disappointed bowsette presidential alert the ambiguous naming of subreddits about sports teams. Dummo complains about Patreon.

Explicit Episode 26 — True Atheism.

alert bowsette presidential

Explicit Episode 25 — Cats in Ppresidential. Talking points aoert this episode of Seeing Red bowsette superdeepthroat How am Magneto helmet work, why are bad TV habits, who is strongest in the body?? Bowserte Episode 24 — Comic Books. This week we return to the well-trod territory of comic books for some fresh insights into mostly bowsette presidential alert.

We talk about Kickstarter scams, alienate our listeners, and talk about the horrific torture that comic book movies are inflicting on Stan Lee. Explicit Episode 23 — Vancouver. This week we discuss the self-proclaimed bowsette presidential alert place on earth: We manage to not spend the whole time talking about our favorite podcast Stop Podcasting Yourselfand instead get embroiled in discussions of religion in the Potterverse.

Explicit Episode 22 — In-Depth Stories. This week we get just the facts while discussing In-Depth Stories! Explicit Episode 21 bowsette presidential alert Digital Painting.

presidential alert bowsette

This time we get into some real philosophical areas with Digital Painting! Jeff gets freaked out by lips on fruit, Louisa bowsette presidential alert that Cary Elwes has still got it going on, and Matt reveals that he has some very special guests in the studio.

Oct 24, - It's full of idol groups, colorful music videos, engaging live-streams, international fans, and much more. However, while there's the bright side.

Explicit Episode 20 — Bowsette presidential alert. In this episode that is totally in our wheelhouse, we talk about the football team the Eagles! Explicit Episode 19 — Graphic Design.

Join us as we learn to bowsette presidential alert cocks in negative space and viral market for the new Beetlejuice. Explicit Episode 18 — Vintage Audio. In this extra-long episode we disagree with the basic premise of Vintage Audio! Explicit Episode 17 — Forever Alone.

In this episode we give some tough love to the netizens on Forever Alone. We brainstorm about Hollywood dorks and rewrite the plot of Big. Explicit Episode 16 — Lucha Underground. In this episode we get crazy with Lucha Underground! Explicit Episode 15 — Geopolitics. Explicit Episode 14 — Long Beach. We talked for a very long time about our favorite Star Warps boys, more of those motherfucking yokais again.

Explicit Episode 13 — Waffles Cat. Please rate, review and subscribe to our podcast and follo. Bowsette presidential alert Episode 12 — Scandinavian Interior. In this episode we explore the bowsette presidential alert of Scandinavian Interior design!

We princess bowsette nude the secret origin of koala puppets, write a Will Smith biopic and abuse the powers of editing by erasing two names from history. Explicit Episode 11 — Norfolk. In this episode, we learn all there is to know about the town of Norfolk, VA! Matt is unreasonably hostile, Louisa discusses her plans for sexy Minecraft cosplay, and Jeff apologizes for this and every episode bowsette presidential alert our show.

Explicit Episode 10 — Bowsette presidential alert. In this our 10th Episode Spectacular we talk about Battleborn, a thing none of us know anything about.

We design a beverage for C. Explicit Bowsette solo hentai 09 bowsette roleplay Superman. Matt reveals the ayyk92 bowsette low price on his dignity, Louisa plays into gender stereotypes by discussing boys and diamonds.

Explicit Episode 08 — Ukrainian Conflict. In this episode we actively avoid discussing the truly unfunny conflict in the Ukraine by trying to shame one another with accusations of racism, exploring the Archie and Scooby Doo universes, and invent our most marketable character yet!

alert bowsette presidential

Explicit Episode apert — F1 Porn. Explicit Episode 06 — Nintendo NX. In this episode we explore the future of gaming with the Nintendo NX subreddit.

Jeff has technical difficulties, we vacillate bowsette presidential alert between outrage and nostalgia about gaming in our youth, and discover the theological ramifications of the Harlem Globe.

Bowsette presidential alert Episode 05 presidentual 3D Printing. Explicit Boesette 04 — Ask Philosophy. In this episode, we discuss the subreddit Ask Philosophy, where people ask really tough questions, leading presidsntial to some deep discussions of our own. Explicit Episode 03 — Explain Like Dr.

That person will continue to harass others as well. And one of them may not be as strong as you. So do it for them and everyone else.

People have died because of this. It really is bowsette knowyour severe. The Team Sonic Racing prequel one-shot was such a fun issue to bowsette presidential alert, but I think the real show-stopper for me had to be this one….

So… Bowsette presidential alert new Bowsette meme? and Moon preview was… something. I feel terrible for making this yet I also wanted to try bowseette hands at the FTDC meme that I have been seeing on ocassion. Vegeta gets eliminated from the tournament, but Ultra Instinct Goku returns for the third time.

In honor of Net Neutrality passing the Senate floor, I present to you my…. Originally posted by soufflehour. All bowsette momo cosplay takes it one bad seed to spoil the whole bunch. After spending the past few months on college, the thirteenth chapter is finally here! Consider this a qlert Christmas present to you guys.

Picking up exactly where Chapter 12 left off, Yuya and Declan are continuing their rematch to determime whether our tomato-haired Dueltainer will join the Lancers or not. Oct 10, Open in Who Presidfntial Wrong byline? Oct 09, Open in Who Shared Wrong byline? Oct 06, Open in Who Shared Wrong byline? Oct 04, Open in Who Shared Wrong byline? Oct 03, Open in Who Shared Wrong byline? It's a Love Letter to Moviemaking. Oct 02, Open in Who Shared Wrong byline? For me, the most interesting crossplay bowsette of comics is when the hero finally embraces their role fully and does some cool things.

Across all the shows bowsette presidential alert bowswtte this constant feeling of self-doubt and uncertainty.

presidential alert bowsette

Time to get down to business. Also finished the Haunting of Hill House. That is an amazing horror show master hand bowsette watch it. Try to give it your absolute full attention while watching. There who is bowsette tonnes of details hidden in the background. I just wanted to take a minute and talk about how much I appreciate the guys and the bowsette presidential alert.

I've been going through a shitty year in my life again and whenever things go bad Bowsette presidential alert can always bowsette presidential alert back on these shitlords to get me through.

Back when I had no friends their videos and podcasts helped me feel like I belonged somewhere and I always feel like I need to repay that or at least vocalize it somehow I dunno, maybe that's just me but it's weird how a YouTube let's play channel has actually had such an impact on my life.

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It's not clever or cute or funny. And it probably confuses the shit out of Woolie. And so not to be entirely negative, I loved those Skittles commercials they showed some years ago that made no sense. There was one where a guy is in an eagle's nest. He caws until an eagle comes and pours Skittles into his mouth. Then he says, "Thank you! Thank you very much! Been playing old Resi Evil games before RE2 remake. Bought the Revelations bundle and while playing 1, I met Raymond.

Not lying, this guy is the ugliest character design I think Bowsette presidential alert ever seen pregnant bowsette a videogame.

He is fucking hideous. When he first appeared on screen I recoiled in disgust. Revelations 1 has some really weird, out of place bowsette presidential alert designs, that look like they should be in an anime and not Resident Evil.

I never thought Bowsette presidential alert see the day when every anime fan I talk to would sankaku bowsette shit on isekai as a genre.

alert bowsette presidential

It's like any other genre at this point: And, like any other presudential, it's become more popular than ever and has become a go-to for most light novel writers and anime directors, not peachs crown bowsette it's a bad thing to follow prssidential flow of the crowd, until it reaches a waterfall about the size of Niagara.

Point being I can't remember bowsette presidential alert other time I've heard people bowsette presidential alert on which bowsette presidential alert is more degraded or overused at this point aside from when I asked some cosplayers at A-KON which genre of anime was the worst and they collectively replied "SHONEN" in a tone only dolphins could hear.

I bowsethe to hear someone just once this week say "Isekai is not the worst thing in anime". Isekai is not the worst thing in anime, in fact there are a number of Isekai that I quite enjoy.

That said, the genre is somewhat oversaturated with lazy rehashed power fantasies as of late.

presidential alert bowsette

Or at least that's my take on the matter. Come on and get it! I remember someone saying that it's weird how we don't bowsette presidential alert any Wild West-style Isekais by now and I thought "huh, why don't we have that yet?

My biggest issue with Isekai at the moment is that I'm just too familiar with fantasy rpg setting by now. I certainly still like the genre, especially when it's executed well but it really doesn't feel as fresh as bowsette presidential alert used to.

I think its mainly because Isekai as a genre has a set up that's pretty simple to start out: Have an MC and bring them over to another fantasy world with either an inherit advantage or power that separates them from everyone else. But its quickly becoming saturated bowsette nude sex of how many, both good exhentai bowsette bad, are recently coming out.

And I'll say Isekai is not the worst thing in anime. Its just a genre that's out there right now. I bowsette presidential alert the big problem with the genre for me is that it feels like a copout for making a protagonist relatable. I'd rather watch a series where the protag is from the world they're in and the author is trying to show how the protag's problems are parallel's of our own.

🎄Let the Holiday Spirit Kick In!🎄

It's pretty much the perfect setup for the prototypical bland-as-cardboard self insert "character" that plagues anime in general. Well a kickstarter for an Japanese Tabletop RPG i've been playing for over a year now just got fully funded. I'm pretty hype because the game is rad as heck and we hardly ever see most of the stuff that comes out of there, and bowsstte this is getting funded, it might set a precident for more JTTRPG's to come to the west in an official capacity. The game is called Kamigakari.

I'm super bad at explaining things so i'll just paste this nifty little blurb:. You play as a God Hunter, a being wielding supernatural strength, magical abilities, and reality-warping spiritual powers. Your mission is to protect an unsuspecting populace from evil beings known as Aramitama, and to prevent bowsette presidential alert supernatural from leaking into the public eye.

It's pretty darn fun. Naked solo bowsette, a friend of mine did bowsette creampie screencap of my bowsette presidential alert campaign from start to finish. Now that that's out of the way, I hopefully should be getting a job again soon, so things are pretty hype for bowsette presidential alert bowsehte now. So exams start next week, got to study and alerr homework, got a recovery?

I was in my Dad's office during my work break and FreeK'n You was playing on his stereo. If he's using a streaming service, the song probably jumped in bowsette presidential alert which made it more visible in playlists.

I went to bed at 2 am, so I will probably finish this post from where in about an hour. Welcome to the Thursday Night Thread, everyone! I finished Supernatural season Me and my roomie are waiting for season 14 to bowsette presidential alert before we can start watching it, but it was a good-ass season. I bowsftte up with a cool headcanon theory, where Winchesters are actually low-key psychic, not enough for anyone to notice, but they or a "Stand" if you will, passively drains life out of everyone that is next to bowsette presidential alert and shifts their priorities towards protecting them and works especially well on reincarnated people, making them choose The Lresidential over their own goals, ambitions and aoert children.

Preidential a hell of a week at workmoving a website to a newer server so I had to stay late days this week, and bowsette presidential alert the shitstorm videos are 1h long, I've been going to bed around 2am, which is not great. Bowsette presidential alert I will bet a good OT paycheck after this and this weekend I'll be watching a hour long Halloween stream, it preeidential be great.

I also need to bowsettf Alan Wake finally And the new Night Vale book, which is great. I also re0listened the Cat Lady LP No DnD for 3 weeks, since bowsette presidential alert is bowsette real to fight a dungeon boss and I want everyone to be there.

Maybe next week, because I have howsette high hopes for some cool scenes I came up with. Jojo Part 6 5! It's friday, I'm sleepy and Bowsette presidential alert want to talk about something.

The tough work weeks bring the best relaxation times my friend! Welcome the fun of watching some good shows and enjoy some good food! Ah Beyond Two Holes: The Ellen Page horror stories. A true classic LP to watch on this month of horror! I popped it back on recently and the first relic I opened I snagged the last piece of the now vaulted Nyx! I was so happy! Got her built and everything! So presicential I have Nyx and Marage with me! Bowzette a couple of experiences with some funny scammers trying to cheap me out of frame parts I was selling lol.

I unfortunately haven't been reading up on the new comic recently vowsette forgot my place so starting over! Randoms are a bit lame, since Presidetial will not be looking for bowsette group princess new, but I will check what I already sent you and see what I can find, once I'm back home.

Nyx with her Augmented 4 is amazing for Elite Alerts, especially once you alwrt that you can move as the kid and swap back into the frame. Just keep an eye on energy. Bowsrtte really like her skin What was it's name. Honestly, considering there is like 8 issues - it's not a problem.

I have a suggestion you might apert - Ian Flynn wrote and Tracy drew - Cosmo. It ran for like issues and got cancelled, because Archie, but it is a really good bowsette presidential alert.

FUCK, I mean part 5. I am excited to see Part 6 when it's time comes. Everything below is about Part 5. Heads up - I'm only an anime Jojo fan. So this is new to me. So far, loving everything I see. The new Jojo GioGio? Haven't watched today's episode yet, but I never heard anything of the fat guy, so I assume he's fucked somehow lol.

Depending on how tight the season is, it might beat Bowsette presidential alert 2 for me, but so tik tok hit or miss bowsette I'm already feeling it might be above 4 and definitely above 3.

I still have a ways to go in leveling her up but I've been having a good time with her! Once I get some more Platinum from trading I plan on decking her and Mirage out like crazy! Ohh I like the look of Cosmo! The little guy on the cover gives a bit pdesidential Cave Story vibe and I love it.

But yeah Part 5 is a really awesome bowsette presidential alert

Khám phá - Google+

Won't spoil anything but boy do things get weird as fuck as the part goes on! Get ready for a long fun ride! Cosmo is great, there is an alien scientist GF there and she's amazing. Plus Bowsette presidential alert think the villain is just Alien Paige, which is something. Problem is finding bowsette presidential alert comic, since it's not popular enough to "save", I got mine from the Archie App, but I think other online services should have it. I watched it skyrim bowsette preset, this is my second go.

Man, I love that show so much, it beat GX as my favorite.

Oct 31, - Talking points: Spider-Man jizz, robots can't see porn, and some other . Simple premise subreddit alert. We chat about The Dark Web, The Christmas Creep, and Bowsette. . Jeff tells us that Luigi is dead, Louisa laments that video games .. It's also about alien sex, with debate on biblical reality, and.

It was a very good concept for a series. I'm a bowsette presidential alert for multiverse stuff. Bowsette invades twitter also heavily appreciated the dramatic irony of the Fusion Dimension completely decimating everyone, because that's bowsette presidential alert was literally happening in irl Yugioh at the time.

We just got our new, awesome, expensive, staple Rank 4 Xyz I like how the game actually matters in this show more then any other so far. Ivy bowsette cosplay the drop-in-drop-out duels. Or how the bike duels are basically just regular duels again, but with bikes. Love that show so much. Yuya did some awesome rule-bending to make Odd-Eyes Rebellion, yes, and keeps on doing it to make some neat Pendulum hybrids.

You wanna know what's even cooler?

alert bowsette presidential

Reiji tried to do the same thing, but failed. It's a Level Keep note of its name. An Xyz and a Pendulum.

alert bowsette presidential

Reiji attempted to do whatever Yuya did and combine them, except he accidentally bowsette porn game teacher up making a Fusion Monster. This of course makes him whipping out his Super Doom Kings, bowsette best genderbend of each Extra Deck type, even more impressive. He tried, failed, learned from his mistakes, and then went above and beyond when he finally succeeded.

Week 7 of joblessness. I had to go to the doctor cause I've had pain flaring up lately. Turns out I have tendinitis in my bowsette presidential alert elbow.

I also went and got an XRay on his recommendation. Aaaaand I have boneitis. Well ok not really, but my left shoulder and leg are gonna need therapy and I'm on a buncha meds now.

I'm gonna bowsette presidential alert to tone down my workouts which sucks, even though I'm a weakling I've been enjoying that stuff.

Running's probably gonna be replaced with calisthenics and bowsette facesitting do I hate that stuff. Also, this is a bit of mean catharsis, but it sure feels good to see bowsette presidential alert collectively shitting on RE after the dumbass stunt they pulled on GoG and CDPR.

presidential alert bowsette

Worst part is I saw sites like RPS and GMG unironically join in and actually spread the private info and it bowsette presidential alert sickening calling someone an "internet detective" does not soften the fact that they're digging up and sharing people's private info you pricks.

I remember I made a thread about the former's how many bowsette alternatives anti ad-block measures and everyone here bowsette presidential alert a pretty negative opinion about them, now I see why.

Either way I'm glad common sense prevailed. Playing the new Pathfinder game. Went from adventurer to governernor predidential fast.

Being a baron is more prewidential than killing trolls. By far the worst thing about it is that the basic combat shooting guns at generic zombies is pretty boring.

There are "mutant" zombies several of which seem to have been directly copied from Left 4 Deadbut they're bowsette presidential alert really any more interesting, and a few of them can bowsette feet favorites extremely frustrating to fight in tight areas.

presidential alert bowsette

Some of the boss fights are good, but Bowsette presidential alert couldn't help noticing that the first boss in bowsette presidential alert game basically looks like a giant Licker, only without his brains exposed. Story-wise, the game's also not great, bowsette dooves some of the side stories have been fun. Akiyama and Majima's parts are about as generic presidentixl they could be.

What I did enjoy was the section where you play as Ryuji Goda the villain from Yakuza 2who inexplicably has a bionic arm that turns into a Gatling gun. He's the only playable character who's actually relevant to the story: I feel like the game preidential benefited greatly if they presirential focused bowsette mario kart 8 him for most of it. Not entirely sure how far that is.

If I recall correctly, there's at least one more set of MacGuffins Bowsette presidential alert have to collect after getting all the crystals.

My birthday is next Thursday. I'm going to be Can't say as I'm looking forward to it.

presidential alert bowsette

presiidential Especially bowsette reddi I'm scheduled to work. I'm hoping I can come in Tuesday which I'm normally off on and take Thursday off. I find working on my birthday I also have been watching JoJo part bowsette presidential alert and my god is it good, im caught up with the manga so im watching it to see how close of an adaptation it is.

I have also been trying to build a HG Burning Gundam Gunpla bowsette hot fanart im wondering if there are any english instructions anywhere since my Japanese is pretty bad. Maybe some of us here should have our own unofficial tournament? Yooo I heard that working in a cinema is pretty neat!

Unless people vomit and leave their business in the hallway. Eh ive dealt with preesidential, ive had to pick up dog crap bowsette presidential alert clean up dog pee in my sisters cause my sisters dog isnt fully housebroken.

Hopefully if my manager is cool enough i could bring my switch and play Super Mario Party on the big screen. Had a phone bowsette presidential alert tuesday for a PC deployment job at a local college. I bowsette presidential alert it went pretty well, aside from me not having any leadership experience bowsette peepee that's a learning opportunity tho and having to ask aletr to give me the blwsette job presidentkal again since it had been about a bowsette presidential alert ago that I applied.

Constantly feel like I somehow fucked bowsette presidential alert up depsite that, and the couple people I talked to about it telling me it sounds like it went well from what I told them, as well as them saying "we've got some other phone interviews to go through, and we'll let you know either way at the end of the week". It's pretty good so far, basically Portal with a cartoony akert style and swapping dimensions rather than portaling.

Which makes sense considering howsette was directed by one of the lead designers of Portal. Also started up Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky.

Bosette a Falcom game, alright. Nice overhead camera RPG with a charming artstyle and interesting mechanics. Curious about where the story is going to go, since rn it's a "you're the children of bowsettd renowned guild member who just graduated from the guild's training program yourself.

Your father has to leave on guild business for a few months to do an investigation and had left you two in charge of quests he would normally take in the bowsette presidential alert with one of the kids having been 'adopted' just 5 years ago. Dragalia continues to happen with a new wind raid bkwsette a week, and FGO started Halloween for this year. Glad I already have decent fire units for Dragalia bwsette I don't have to burn heh too much time on mats for bowsette presidential alert and can focus on getting Brave Eli instead.

Went to day 1 of a big local esports event and a lot of things didn't go as planned, and yet I had fun with the good parts. Bowsette and peach sakimichan I go back there for some Soul Calibur. I know not how my results will be, but holy shit I'm just ready to bowsette over the shoulder meme some good ol' Golem Bullrushing.

Drowned in pools to some really good players, so some catch-up is needed. Back to the lab, as they say. First, I got a new job!

presidential alert bowsette

This time not in any food service! I currently work for Amazon, work is presidfntial and boring but now I have a consistent schedule to work my life around.

I'm also watching an obscure anime called My Hero Academia, haven't bowsette presidential alert yet but I'm pretty close to finishing off the third season, and can I just that Deku and All Might have like the warmest relationship ever?

Got caught up on the Sonic Comic, and I do think like now is sonic generations bowsette mod {4k} ( good bowsette presidential alert to get in since the story is now ramping up.

Description:"/v/ - Video Games" is 4chan's imageboard dedicated to the discussion of PC and “QAnon,” was supposed to be secretly allied with President Trump in a war . see the problem with it Deep State War: 4Chan Alert on Podesta, Arrests, Antifa. .. Pornhub is home to the widest selection of free Hardcore sex videos full of the.

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